Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My favorite interior designers

Good morning everyone,

  Interior design is a powerful tool and incredibly pleasant way to express your personality, to show your inside world. And it doesn't matter whether you have big budget or not. What is really necessary is only your imagination and creativity.  
  Today's post will be about interior design. Actually I'd like to tell about one of my favourite interior designers - Isabelle LaRue at  Besides that she is incredibly charming woman, she is also a talented DIY solution creator.
  Isabelle has very interesting low-cost smart projects for people who rent an apartment.  In case you have your own living space these projects also will be very useful.
  It's really  hard for me to decide which project I prefer more.. Nevertheless Top 5 project list should include:

What do you think?

I hope this information was useful for you.
Have a nice day! See you later on Incredibly by design.

P.S. Looking forward to see her new projects.


  1. Isabelle is great! She has been very instrumental in helping me design on a budget and her posts are almost intuitive in offering exactly what I was searching for! She is quite deserving of the accolades she continues to receive. We love you Isabelle!

  2. Absolutely agree with you. I love her smart always elegant choice.