Sunday, 28 April 2013

Frank Lloyd Wright.Part 2

Hello everyone,

Recently I saw news headline that Jennifer Aniston's house at Beverly Hills is on sale.


There were several pictures of it. Off cause it was gorgeously beautiful house, but what is the most interesting thing - it's style was inspired by Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright!
House was designed by Harold W. Levitt in 1970s.  At that time Frank Lloyd Wright was well known architect guru that made a great input and influence to architecture of the United States.  Modern architects were inspired by his work, they used and followed the principles of Prairie style, the principles of organic architecture.
Roots of this style we should find in the flat, expansive landscape of the prairie. According to F.L.Wright "The typical Prairie style home is distinguished by a horizontal line emphasised on the exterior by a low-pitched hipped roof, long bands of windows, wide overhanging eaves and brick courses or wood bands." 

Robie house by F.L.Wright
Jennifer Aniston's house at Beverly Hills, designed by H.W.Levitt

Aren't these houses have much in common))? What do you think?

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P.S. You can make a closer look at this fascinating home by clicking this link.

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