Sunday, 14 April 2013

La Fundacion Cesar Manrique

Good evening everyone.

I absolutely adore those architects who can implement their ideas sustainably in the surrounding native area. there ability to see in ugly unpleasant place the real beauty. Using their imagination they can transform it into incredibly unique space.
One of those people is Spanish artist and architect Cesar Manrique.
Cesar Manrique

This is typical landscape after volcanic eruption:
Lanzarote Island

Cheerless isn't it? Volcano that erupted in 1730-36 at Lanzerote left after so called volcanic  bubbles. These bubbles Cesar Manrique decided to use for home.
Upper level of the house is build in typical for Lanzarote style:

Gates with sign CM - Cesar Manrique
The most interesting places are hidden in underground level, in 5 lava bubbles, that are 8 meters width and 5 meters high - the fountain room, white, black, red and yellow rooms, decorated according to their names.
Black room

Black room

Red room

White room in day light

White room at night

Look at this cool swimming pool!! I'd like to swim there:

In the upper level where previously were the main rooms of the house, now  are the galleries of the museum. Privet collection of Cesar Manrique includes works of  Picasso, Miro, Chillida, Guerrero, Chirino, Sempere and others.

Manrique designed in the upper level of the house small garden with different types of cactus.

Mosaic wall in the garden

Part of mosaic
That is all what I wanted to show you today. There are lots of other fantastic works of this architect that I'd like to tell you about. Wish you all to be so lucky to visit this incredibly beautiful place one day!!
And I hope you all had a great weekend.

P.S. Official web site you'll find  here.

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