Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Inspire me Wednesday: In a Christmas mood

Good morning dear friends,

Another great idea of Christmas decoration for those of you who want to feel Christmas not only through it's essentials : Christmas tree, lights, candles and wreaths. In addition to all of these things you can use Christmas coloures - traditional red, green and contemporary gold or silver. For example use one of these coloures in your kitchen textile, placemats, towels, curtains, ets.

 Pretty little things will make your winter evenings warmer and brighter.
Stay warm and see you next time at Incredible by Design blog.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Inspire me Wednesday: Christmas decoration

Good morning guys,

Christmas is coming in few months and I started to look for decor inspiration. Here is an example of room decoration by Ikea:

Sparkling curtains captured my attention immediately, it feels so cosy and home-y. Yes that is me in the mirror.

 Love this golden side table, it's very elegant and stylish I think. 

And very cute idea to put led lighting into big vases. Glass provides even more light and sparkle.

I will be searching for more inspiration in upcoming months to be prepared for Christmas and New Year well. You will see them soon.

Wish you all good luck and see you next time at Incredible by Design blog.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Inspire me Wednesday: Lines

Good morning guys,

Today will be only  uncompromising strict and infinitely cyclic lines, just pure lines and nothing more))

Have a good time and see you soon at Incredible by Design blog.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Relaxing Sunday: Marble Palace

Good  morning  guys,

Don't know what to do this week end? In case you are in Saint Petersburg you should visit Marble  Palace. It is not  far  from Summer Park. And I'm sure you will like it.
This Palace was designed by architect Antonio Rinaldi for Count Grigory Orlov. Next owners of the Palace redecorated it according to their taste but the Marbel Hall and the staircase are still the same and keep  marble pattern of Rinaldi's original decor.

Wish you all relaxing Sunday and see you next time at Incredible by Design blog.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Inspire me Wednesday: Show-Windows decoration

Good afternoon guys,

Let's  take a look  today at show-windows decoration. Here are examples of bright decor with a touches of Khokhloma style. Khokhloma is one of the main directions of Russian national art.

 Here designer used its  three basic colours - black, gold and red. You can see Khokhloma touches in the mane of a horse and volume letters.

Designer very cleaver decided to use one of cult Russian products - black caviar, the second black gold which is associated with prosperity and wealth. This association automatically increases "the cost, the importance" of the goods advertised on these show-windows.

Please  accept my apologies for bad quality of pictures )).
Best regards,
P.S.Be inspired and see you next time at Incredible by Design blog. 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Relaxing Sunday: Remarkable Market-Place

Good morning guys!

     Incredible relaxing Sunday morning we will start with post about the tastiest Market-place I've ever been.
I discovered this place last week during my business trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia. I was quite pleased by the atmosphere and design of the cafe. They used fresh greens a lot, natural wood elements, chock painted pictures and bright color for accents. This place is very popular among students and young couples for evening chats or romantic date nights. cafe consists of three floors - basement, main area and bar zone on the third floor.
Main area

Bar zone

Look at this cute bicycle 

Green, green greens

Nice bouquet of flowers and accessories

So that is all for today. I wish you all have relaxing Sunday and see you next time here at Incredible by Design blog. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Inspire me Wednesday: Luxury wood floors

Hi guys,

It is time for some new inspirational pics. Today I decided to share with you pictures of natural wood floors I made at different palaces in Saint Petersburg.
Here they are. Enjoy!

So how do you like it? What do you think? Leave me a comment below.
Have a good day and see you next time at Incredible by Design blog.